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Your Guide to Sun Tunnel Skylights

Apr 6, 2023 | Skylights

Sometimes, traditional skylights just aren’t an option. If a room’s ceiling doesn’t have direct access to the roof, or if there are obstacles in the way, then it may feel like the joys of natural lighting simply can’t happen for you. Sun tunnels, however, could provide the exact solution you’ve been waiting for. Continuing reading as we explain how sun tunnels work and how they could bring sunlight into even the darkest corners of your home!

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First Things First: What is a Sun Tunnel Skylight? 

The first question is obvious – what, exactly, is a sun tunnel skylight? We’ll put things as simply as we can. Essentially, a sun tunnel is a penetration in your roof that brings natural light into your home, just like any other skylight. The key difference is that they don’t actually need direct sunlight to bring natural lighting into your home. Even for rooms on the first floor of a multi-story home, sun tunnels have the capacity to transfer gorgeous natural lighting right into any space.

The multiple designs of sun tunnels are the key to making this happen. Rigid sun tunnels work the same way as a traditional skylight, acting as a direct channel when sunlight has a straight path to the room in question. Flexible tunnel designs, however, can offer the same natural lighting even when there are obstructions in the way of the space. In homes where a regular skylight wouldn’t be possible, a sun tunnel could be the solution.

How a Sun Tunnel Skylight Works

Understanding a sun tunnel skylight all boils down to science. By using reflective mirrors, light is about to be captured and transferred into the home without necessarily requiring a direct pathway. A sun tunnel utilises an acrylic dome to first capture sunlight, magnify it, and send it into the light diffuser that then spreads it throughout the room. Think of the tube as one big mirror, channeling all that outside light all the way down without losing any of it.

The end result may not be as intense or strong as direct sunlight, but it is still able to be spread across any dark room in your home to brighten it up. Soft, even, and pleasant natural lighting could be all yours with a sun tunnel skylight.

 Quick and Easy Installation

Explaining it all can make it sound more complicated than it really is. You might be surprised to hear that installing a sun tunnel skylight is relatively simple! Only one or two professionals are needed, and the process involves just a few clear steps. 

First, a roofing contractor will need to cut a hole into the roof outside your home, and another hole in your inside ceiling. Then the sun tunnel, either flexible or rigid, is inserted to connect the two holes and create a pathway for sunlight. Shockingly quick and easy!

The end product will look like a mounted circle on the ceiling. The entire installation process will take just a few hours to complete, and you’ll be left with a sleek-looking diffuser that will enhance the aesthetics of your home with soft, natural lighting. No harsh shadows or unwanted glares to be seen! Suddenly, any room in your home can be completely transformed with the pleasant beauty of natural sunlight.

Light Comparison – Traditional Skylights vs Sun Tunnels

Now, sun tunnels and regular skylights are different. When a skylight is directly mounted to your roof, it acts as a direct window, providing plenty of light. The process for a sun tunnel to light up a room is a little more involved, needing the acrylic dome to collect and transfer light through the tunnel, and it creates a different end result. Ultimately, as they aren’t a direct window to the sky, a sun tunnel is going to let in less light compared to a traditional skylight design.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you’re going to be lacking in natural light. There is still plenty of sunlight that a sun tunnel can transfer and let into your home! These designs are particularly impactful for dark rooms in your house that aren’t going to receive any natural light due to their position in the layout of your house. These could include:

  • Hallways
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Kitchens
  • Spacious closets
  • Laundries
  • Utility rooms

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