Guide to kitchen skylights
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Your Guide To Kitchen Skylights

Oct 18, 2022 | Skylights

Are you currently in the process of renovating your home? Or maybe you’ve recently bought a new house and you’re looking to upgrade the interior? Installing a kitchen skylight can be revolutionary for the overall appearance and functionality of your kitchen, due to its many benefits. If you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen area or making a general improvement to your overall home aesthetic, keep reading to find out more!

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Benefits of Having a Skylight

You may think that a skylight can only do so much, however, the addition of a strategically-placed skylight can achieve a lot. There are a number of options for bringing more natural daylight into your kitchen space. Skylights, sky windows, solar tubes and domes all have their advantages, and the choice of what to install all depends on what aesthetic and design you want to achieve.

Natural Daylight and Added Space

A kitchen skylight can help bring natural light and warmth into your home. This is important as the amount of exposure you have to natural light can have a direct correlation to your level of health and well-being. In addition, by incorporating more natural daylight into your home, the increased level of brightness will help to provide a sense of spaciousness.

Increased Ventilation

By incorporating a skylight into your kitchen space, you’ll be helping to reduce condensation. Whilst cooking, you may realise that steam and cooking odours naturally rise and can cause a problem if proper design is not considered. Kitchen skylights can help to allow moisture laden air to escape, leaving a drier kitchen. In the process of installing your skylight, special coating on the glass and the inclusion of argon gas will eliminate any chance of condensation forming on the skylights themselves.

Placement of Your Kitchen Skylight

Choosing where to place your skylight is an important step. By purposefully placing your skylight in specific locations of your kitchen, you can help to improve its architectural properties and overall sense of space. If you’re an early riser, east facing skylights will allow more morning sun to floor your kitchen, making that morning coffee extra enjoyable. Contrastingly, west facing skylights will help to appreciate those stunning summer evenings. Lastly, north facing skylights will help to ensure your kitchen has light most of the day.

Kitchen Bench

If you choose to position over your kitchen bench or island, this will help to effectively emphasise your kitchen’s most important features. Skylights are a great way to invite a sense of warmth around your breakfast and kitchen benches, encouraging you to spend longer periods of time in this region of the house.


Space in your home can sometimes be hard to come by. By attaching a skylight to your ceiling, you can create an appearance of greater ceiling height. This addition is particularly effective if you have a narrow kitchen with no windowed walls.

Skylight Blinds

Skylight kitchens are an excellent way to increase light exposure and perception of spaciousness. However, you may not always want to be exposed. This is where blinds can be an excellent feature to include with the installation of your skylight. At Skylights WA, we supply a range of skylight blinds designed to ensure privacy, block out light and create highly effective thermal barriers.

Install Your Kitchen Skylight Today

If you’ve been thinking about an upgrade or wanting to add some natural light into your kitchen space, kitchen skylights are a great way to achieve this goal. Skylights in your kitchen can help to increase the perception of space in your home, encourage natural daylight and help to reduce condensation build-up in your kitchen. The placement of your skylight is important as well. Consider installing a skylight that will maximise the amount of light exposure you want to achieve – whether it is east, west, north or south facing.

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