Will a Skylight Heat Up My Home
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Will a Skylight Make My House Warmer?

Mar 2, 2022 | Company News

Considering a skylight? The benefits are obvious: the views, the natural lighting, the way one can open up a room considerably. You may, however, be concerned about the potential downsides of the investment. Do skylights make rooms warmer? Will my house become a sauna with exposure to the summer sun? These are natural concerns, and to help you navigate this decision we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to how skylights work and how you can best avoid overheating your home with one.

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Do Skylights Heat Up a Home?

To keep it simple: yes. Skylights allow natural light to enter the home, which will inevitably carry heat through infrared radiation. The level of heat entering the house is completely dependent on several factors, including the technology used in the skylight you have installed. Just like how lightbulbs are built to withstand and handle heat to different capacities, some safe to touch and some that can burn, different skylights react to heat in similarly varying ways.

Sometimes, preventing your house from overheating can be prevented from something as simple as having a blind or shutter you can pull over the window. Annoyingly, this removes the beautiful natural lighting you desired when installing your skylight. That said, there are plenty of factors that you can consider before installing that can avoid your house heating up under your skylight! Here are just a few to think about as you invest in your perfect skylight installation:

1. Positioning

In deciding where you want your new skylight installed, specific positioning will have a huge effect on the heat that will subsequently enter your home. It’s critical that you work with your contractor to place the skylight in a spot on your roof that gets plenty of shade throughout the hottest months of summer. You want to avoid direct sunlight going down the shaft as much as possible – this will significantly reduce the heat rays entering your home, and will prevent your rooms from feeling like a sauna during the sweltering Australian summer.

2. Glazing

Covering for your skylight is one of the easiest ways to eliminate heat gain. Layers of glazing can play a huge role in keeping your house cool, and skylight shades or UV protective coatings can boat work to protect your home from infrared rays. You remove the issue of overheating under direct sunlight, whilst still getting to enjoy all that extra light. These coatings soften the sunlight, making it more comfortable and less harsh, and can even work to give you just a little extra privacy as well.

3. Insulation

Skylight installation is a precise process, and it’s essential that you work with a team you can trust. Proper insulation from the contractor installing your skylight is essential to ensure your house remains a comfortable temperature. Thorough insulation is the best way to protect your home from moisture entering from the skylight, loss of heat, and overall climate control all throughout your home. Be sure to discuss insulation measures being put in place with your contractor.

4. Sizing

When considering installing a skylight, two large factors that come into play are the size of your house, and the size of the window. The larger the window, the more light you’ll be able to enjoy – however, this naturally comes with more heat being able to enter the home. If your house is on the smaller side, it will heat up quicker, and potentially a smaller skylight is going to be best. Talk to an expert when deciding on the size of your skylight, and be sure to weigh up both the amount of natural light you’ll get to enjoy against the potential heat that may enter the home during the warmer seasons.

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A skylight can be a remarkable investment. Raising the value of your home, providing gorgeous views, and lowering your lighting bills with all those beautiful natural sun rays. However, you want to be sure you’re installing a feature properly, to avoid anything disastrous like an overheated home. At Skylights WA, we have a team of experts at the ready to help talk through the unique needs and features of your home. Call us today to find your perfect skylight, and rest peacefully knowing you won’t come to regret your installation.