Roof ventilation enhances efficiency, supports temperature control, improves air freshness, and reduces moisture

Skylights WA have a range of solar powered, wind powered and electrical ventilation solutions to freshen your home or commercial premises. Our systems are designed to extract hot and moist air so you can breathe easy.


Solar Star and enviromax

The Solar Star by Solatube is a residential solar powered roof fan that harnesses the sun’s energy to ventilate your roof cavity. Available in 2 sizes, the 10w Aero is perfect for smaller homes extracting approx. 500m3 per hour (with a +/- of 10%). The 22w RM1600 is ideal for larger homes or houses with dark roofs extracting approx. 950m3 per hour (with a +/- of 10%). The Solar Star offers powerful ‘active’ roof extraction with no ongoing costs.

If required the Solar Star RM1600 residential solar powered roof fan can be thermostatically controlled with an optional proprietary pre-temperature set thermostat accessory which is simple to install.

For applications where ventilation is required day and night, Solatube offer the 240v mains powered Enviromax roof extractor fans. The Single Cap Enviromax extracts 520m3 per hour (with a +/- of 10%). The Double Cap Enviromax is complete with a thermostat which automatically activates the fan as required extracting 830m3 per hour (with a +/- of 10%). The Enviromax fan motor is just 46 watts, delivering excellent 24/7 ventilation with low running costs.

Breezeman Solar Powered Hybrid Extraction Fan

Breezeman™ Solar Powered Hybrid Extraction Fan

Breezeman™ is a highly efficient range of Solar powered and Solar/240v powered Hybrid roof extraction fans, to suit homes, sheds, warehouses, where ever there is a requirement for day time or 24hr extraction of unwanted heat or emissions/stale air, or general improved airflow.

Solar powered roof extraction fans need to face true North in Australia to operate effectively, towards the optimal direction for solar irradiance. The PV module generates energy and directly discharges it directly to the electro-magnetic brushless motor, which drives the optimally angled fan blade. This is a highly efficient and reliable use of solar energy. The product has a long useful life, and has no ongoing operating costs!

Breezeman™ is available in the following models:

  • Breezeman™ BM700-PV–10 watt PV only – daytime purging – extracting 700m3 per hr +/- 10% suitable for homes/sheds/Shire facilities
  • Breezeman™ BM700-PV-10watt/240V Hybrid – for any time purging, extracting 700m3 per hr +/- 10% suitable for homes/sheds/Shire facilities
  • Breezeman™ BM1800-50 watt PV only – daytime purging, extracting 1800m3 per hr +/- 10% suitable only for large commercial/industrial applications.

A 5 year Warranty covers the PV module and the motor.

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