Commercial Roof Ventilation

Looking to Improve the Environment in Your Workplace?

Remove unwanted heat loads, atmospheric emissions and more with Roof Ventilation for your workshop, warehouse and commercial premise

Solar Powered Industrial Roof / Room Extraction Fans

The team at Skylights WA can provide suggestions and install a solution for your commercial premise in the way of ventilation for your warehouse, factory or workshop.

Where ever there is a requirement for day time active air extraction and unwanted heat purging, and improved air flow from a building, the roof ventilation solutions on offer will help with:

  • Removing unwanted atmospheric emissions from welding or painting process fumes in workshop environments
  • Creating greater work place comfort with improved air flow for building occupants
  • Removing unwanted heat loads which are trapped inside buildings at roof level, which can reach up to +70c during summer months.

The systems that are installed by us will cost you nothing to run over the product life cycle with the solar module directly powering the electro-magnetic brushless fan motor.

Get in touch with the team at Skylights WA to arrange an onsite consultation for your roof ventilation needs