Roof Ventilation by Skylights WA

An efficient solution to improve the air quality in your home

We install solar powered, wind powered and electrical ventilation solutions in homes and businesses across Perth and South West WA.

Are you frustrated trying to control the air quality of your home, only to be left with inconsistent temperatures and excessive power bills?

Is the air in your home stuffy and stale but you can’t seem to keep warm in the winter? Do you wish there was an efficient solution to keep your home more comfortable?

There is no denying that the Australian sun is unrelenting. The harsh rays can heat roof spaces incredibly quickly, making it uncomfortable to remain in our homes without cooling. Once the roof super heats and hot air fills the roof space, it pushes its way down into your home. The result is uncomfortable rooms on the West side, particularly in second storeys.

When this happens, our first instinct is to turn on the air-conditioning and crank the fans. As the temperature continues to rise, we push the AC to work harder and with this, the electricity bill rises!

Roof ventilation can materially offset this process, helping to efficiently and effectively manage in-roof temperatures up to 25 degrees lower than a roof which is unventilated!

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

Improve Efficiency

Roof vents remove trapped hot air from ceiling spaces and replace it with fresh air from outdoors. This reduces the load on air-conditioning and enhances the efficiency in your home.

No Maintenance

Roof vents require little to no maintenance and are designed to withstand the outside elements.

Improve Air Quality

Roof vents replace stale air with fresh air. This leads to better air quality which is healthier for your family.

Highly Durable

Quality roof vents are long-lasting, durable, and efficient, making them a great investment.

Easy Installation

Roof vents are easy to install and will not disrupt the aesthetics or function of your home.


Roof vents are eco-friendly meaning you can enhance the freshness and health of your home without harming the planet, being solar and wind powered.

Key Considerations for Roof Ventilation


The location of your roof vent can impact its performance. The best position for the roof depends on its energy source. Solar powered is best on North or West roof elevation for example. We’ll help you identify the best location for your roof vent and install it professionally.


The size of your home and roof will influence the required size of your roof ventilation system.


Powering the roof extraction vent can make your system more effective. There are a few ways to power the roof vent including solar and electricity. Some solar powered vents are materially more powerful than an unpowered vent!

How does Roof Ventilation Work?

Roof ventilation enhances efficiency, supports temperature control, improves air freshness, and reduces moisture. It works by exchanging the air in your roof space- old hot air out and cooler air in!

During warm weather, the roof ventilation lets fresh cool air into the roof cavity from the outside while extracting the warm air out.

Roof Ventilation

We have several roof ventilation products available for installation in homes across Perth, Bunbury, and the South West of WA. The Solar Star by Solatube is a residential solar powered roof fan that harnesses the sun’s energy to ventilate your roof cavity. The 22w RM1600 is ideal for most homes, extracting approx. 950m3 per hour. The Solar Star offers powerful ‘active’ roof extraction with no ongoing costs.

The BreezemanTM is a solar powered or hybrid solar 240V roof fan that extracts 700m3 per hour from your roof- the hybrid option can run after dark, making it ideal for hot summer nights.

Commercial Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation via Breezeman™ solar powered roof extraction fans is an effective way to prevent the ‘superheating’ of your industrial/commercial buildings roof space with a zero-life cycle operating cost. Our team can deliver powerful roof ventilation systems that extract up to 1800m3 an hour for commercial clients across Perth and Bunbury.

Home Cooling and Ventilation – Whole House Fan

Solatube Whole House fan pulls cool, fresh outdoor air into living spaces through the windows, and pushes hot stale indoor air through into your roof cavity and out via the roof static vents. It doesn’t recirculate old air (as with air-conditioning) it provides natural ventilated fresh air throughout the home.

  • Freshens your home efficiently in minutes during hot summer months
  • Improves air quality removing odours all year round
  • Extracts stale, molecule laden air in winter months
  • Creates a healthier home all year round
  • Helps reduce air conditioning costs, running at approximately 80% lower than air conditioning costs!
  • Provides ventilation through the whole house as well as the roof

Install Roof Ventilation in Your Dwelling

To enquire about installing roof ventilation at your property, contact the Skylights WA team today.

Install Roof Ventilation in Your Dwelling

To enquire about installing roof ventilation at your property, contact the Skylights WA team today.