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The Best 3 Types of Skylights to Buy

Nov 23, 2021 | Company News

The addition of a skylight can completely transform a room. Brighter, more spacious, and dripping with modern styling. The natural daylight can change the character of the home considerably, let alone the fact that installing a skylight can save you plenty of money in the long run thanks to the minimised needs for electric lights and heating/cooling systems.

But choosing to add a skylight to your home isn’t as simple as picking the first one that catches your eye! There are several different brands and types of skylights (from plastic to glass, fixed to operable, and a huge variety of shapes and styles). So, what are some of the most common types of skylights, and which one is right for your home?

This blog outlines the benefits of some of the most common types of skylights on offer. If you’re looking to purchase and install a new skylight to bring your house to life, contact Skylights WA today.

Velux Roof Windows

Roof windows do, in fact, fall under the category of ‘skylight’. A Velux roof window is a great option if you’re looking to brighten up your home, acting as a great alternative to a tubular lighting system. Unlike these systems, Velux roof windows use a shaft to transfer daylight into the home.

These shafts can be made out of gyprock or can feature painted timber to complement the rest of your ceiling, ensuring that your installation is visually appealing in every aspect. Velux roof windows are dynamic, able to be fixed shut, or opened both manually and electrically.

These types of windows have a lot to offer. Perhaps you simply want them there to provide a gorgeous view of a sunny sky or a sheet of stars, or perhaps you want to make use of the many design features a Velux roof window has to offer. These include options such as an automated opening, allowing you to wake up with the sun each morning. Kitchen, living room, or bedroom – the Velux roof window can transform your living space!

Belle Skylights

If you’re looking to preserve the beautiful architectural design of your home whilst improving the natural daylight, one of the many designs on offer with Belle skylights may be your best option.

Installation of Belle products guarantees you top quality skylights as well as a custom finish, allowing you to design your perfect home addition. With high performance double glazing, and options for tinting and ceramic patterning, the climate control options and unmatched aesthetic designs Belle offers are unparalleled. Belle architectural roof windows offer a variety of different selections, including:

  • Insulated glass roof windows (double glazed skylights for extremely high light transmission with minimal solar heat gain)
  • Circulite circular lights (large circular skylights for great aesthetics, offered in clear, opal or tinted finishes)
  • Roof access hatch (provides roof access while allowing for the natural daylight to come in. All hatches are fitted for easy access and reliable security, with internal or external latches and handles)

Commercial Skylights

Skylights aren’t just for the home. If you’re looking for natural daylight to become a memorable feature of your commercial building, skylights of various sizes can be provided to make that happen.

Whether it’s an industrial space, indoor community hub, educational building, or any other variety of commercial property, a skylight can be a great asset. Natural daylight is proven to increase productivity and better our overall moods, making a skylight the perfect addition to an office space.

Not to mention that a decrease in electrical bills can work wonders for a business! With costs going down and the workforce more energised than ever, commercial skylights are a massively beneficial option for any workplace.

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