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Should You Put Skylights In Your Hallway?

May 31, 2022 | Skylights

When you welcome someone into your home, whether they are a first-time guest or someone who is basically part of the furniture, the entry point can make or break the initial impression of your house and, perhaps, of you. And when you return home after a long and tiring day, do you not want to feel relieved and excited to be home?

If a hallway is dark and gloomy, the house can lose its wow factor. It doesn’t beckon with promises of cosiness or happiness, or allude to spaciousness and tidiness. So, how can you turn a hallway, which often doesn’t come with a lot of space, into a welcoming and bright feature of the home? A skylight could be the answer.

When looking for options to bring light into the entry point of your home, it can be difficult to settle on a solution. Sometimes there is barely enough room for a small table to throw your keys on, let alone lamps or even lights attached to the walls. Skylights WA can help you look into (or should we say, up to) skylights and decide whether they are right for your hallway.

Advantages Of Hallway Skylights

A hallway in a home is notorious for being cramped and dark. It is somewhere you don’t dwell, ushering your guests quickly through to the more welcoming lounge or kitchen. But hallways can often be beautiful spaces. The walls can hold picture frames that tell your family’s story or paintings from that glorious holiday destination you dream of. The ceiling may have intricate details created in the early 1900s. The antique Persian carpet might have set you back thousands and demands to be seen. Hallways have potential.

Skylights can transform homes, and the entry point of your house is no exception. Generally, hallways lack access to natural light, apart from a few rays that might sneak through the front door as you open it. A skylight, however, can allow light to stream in from above, sealing the deal on that promise your welcome mat made. And what’s more, it can do this without the cost and clutter of electrical lights. Skylights are easy to install, cost efficient, and are generally simple to maintain.Hallway Skylights

Disadvantages Of Hallway Skylights

We think skylights are great, of course, but they aren’t suitable for all spaces, nor do they always meet every requirement. Firstly, hallways can be small, narrow, or odd shapes. Skylights WA need to assess the suitability of the area to determine whether we can install one effectively and safely. Another factor to consider, which may be a drawback depending on your needs, is that skylights mean your hallway will lose the light when the sun goes down. Keys can be tricky to find at the bottom of your bag at the best of times, so a small light may also need to be installed.

Types Of Skylights For Your Hallway

At Skylights WA, we stock a range of high-quality products that hold great potential for your space, including Solatube lights and Velux fixed, manual, powered, and solar powered skylights. These provide features that give you a vast array of options that can suit your needs.

For example, you can choose from skylights that reduce heat and UV rays, have daylight dimmers, open to allow for ventilation, are fitted with insect screens, automatically close due to rain sensors, or have solar powered batteries and remote-control operation. We offer a range that covers most budgets yet are high quality and long lasting.

Transform Your Gloomy Hall Into A Bright Welcome Point

Hallways can pose a tricky issue when it comes to light. The nature of their layout, often narrow and lacking windows, means they are a feature of houses that can feel uninviting and drab – not something you want in the space that should entice visitors and residents with charm and appeal.

When the dog is knocking you over with happiness, the kids are running at you down the length of the hall as you enter the front door, or you’re wrestling with the gremlin at the bottom of your bag who insists on swallowing your sunglasses, why not do it all in natural light? At Skylights WA, our installations can bring the brightness of the day into your home.