Should I Install Skylights in Winter
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Should I Install Skylights in Winter?

Jan 31, 2022 | Company News

Plenty of us dream about having a skylight in our home. But, likely, we’re probably imagining what it will be like to experience the feature during summer – which the bright sun streaming in, lighting up the house and giving us all the more opportunity to enjoy that Australian sunshine.

If you’re considering installing a skylight during the winter season, you may be wondering whether the benefits will be worth the cost. Or perhaps you’re scared that investing in a skylight might not pay off year-round. Well, we’ve lined up just some of the skylight benefits you could be enjoying this winter.

This blog details some of the benefits a skylight has to offer that don’t rely on a sweltering summer sun. To enquire about installing a skylight into your home, contact Skylights WA today.

Natural Light All Year

With limited sunlight during those colder months, it’s important to ensure that you’re soaking up as many rays as possible. Experiencing the sun has plenty of proven benefits – including boosted serotonin and overall happiness, as well as the health benefits of getting plenty Vitamin D.

Having a skylight to light up your house with as much of that winter sun as you can get ensures that you aren’t entirely stuck with your artificial lights for the entire season. Not to mention that natural lighting is extremely trendy for modern architecture, and your home will feel endlessly more open.

Make the most of winter by milking every last ray from the sun that you can!

Energy Efficiency

For many, the decision to install a solatube skylight becomes a debate of whether it will be worth the investment. This is the question for any new home addition – will you get enough out of it to justify the money spent?

Well, the beauty of a skylight is that it’s a feature that gives right back. Even beyond the money saved by limiting how often you run the lights in your home, a skylight can help lower that energy bill even further. During winter, the amount you spend on heating is naturally going to rise.

With a skylight, you ensure that the sun is doing as much of the work for you as it possibly can. By warming your house up with whatever natural heat you can get, those bills are going to get cut down bit by bit.

Suddenly your home is cheaper to run, and even more energy efficient!

Guaranteed Privacy

No matter the time of year, living on a busy street will have its downfalls. If you love natural lighting, window views, and enjoying the beauty of winter, then you deserve to enjoy that. Worrying about feeling ‘on display’ or resisting installing the big, beautiful windows you want due to the number of neighbours you have surrounding you is natural. A skylight, however, completely eliminates this issue.

With a skylight, you reap all the benefits of large, luxurious windows without having to feel exposed to the entire world around you. Skylights offer all the sunlight and views without feeling like people could be snooping on you the entire time. It’s a win-win situation, no matter the season.

Space Solutions

With wide windows and natural lighting being all the rage in modern home design, it can be frustrating when your property doesn’t allow for the features you need. Perhaps your living area is too small for a window, or the current layout doesn’t allow for the installation you desire. A skylight is the creative solution you may be looking for! No matter the weather, a skylight is able to open up a room and make it look more open through natural lighting, all whilst being easy to install and out of the way.

If you don’t have the wall space for stretching windows, or your home has tricky floorplans to navigate, a skylight may be your easiest solution to getting the views and lighting you’re looking for. It can be installed anywhere, without needing to redesign the layout of the entire room.

Install Your Skylight Today to Get the Most Out of This Winter

 A skylight is the home feature that just keeps on giving. Whether winter or summer, there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed from the installation of a brand new skylight – views, natural lighting, energy conservation, you name it! If you’re looking to install a skylight into your home, Skylights WA is the experienced local team to call. We can help you find the perfect design for your home, ensuring that you enjoy this upcoming winter to the fullest extent. Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your home.