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How to Install a Skylight on a Tile Roof

Aug 30, 2021 | Company News

Have you ever looked at a house with skylights and wished you had them in your home, but thought they’d be too much trouble to install? If you have basic handyman skills and the confidence and knowledge, it’s a project you can do yourself! Skylights can be installed on a range of roof types, including tiled.

This article will walk you through the basics of installing a skylight on a tile roof, but as always, Skylights WA is here for all your professional installation needs so your home can shine bright.

The Skylight Installation Process

1. Preparing For Your Skylight Installation

First, decide where you want the skylight located, ensuring the attic space in the area is clear. Measure between the ceiling joists and put a small nail through the ceiling from the top. Check you’re happy with the placement before proceeding.


2. Making Space for the Skylight on your Tiled Roof

Next, mark the hole size on the ceiling with a pencil, making sure the nail is in the middle. Using a keyhole saw, cut along the pencil line. Hold the centre up so it doesn’t fall down when fully cut. Now, insert the ceiling frame and attach it with the screw and lugs provided. Secure the screws through the holes in the ceiling frame, the ceiling itself and into the lugs tighten.

Before putting in screw caps, make sure the Diffuser is flush and the magnets are attached to each other correctly. Put the Diffuser to the side and screw the caps into the screws. On the roof, push the stainless steel ring into the underneath of the Black Breather Frame, lining up the slots. Now twist the ring to lock it in position.


3. Adjust Tiles to Place Your Skylight

In the attic, choose the most direct route for the Flexi-tube to reach the roof, keeping in mind Northern exposure is the most effective. Now push back a tile to mark the location, ensuring the roof above is clear. Back on the roof, remove the tiles around the area and cut out the tile batten. At this stage, you can place the skylight in position!


4. Completing the Installation

Make sure the rear of the Soaker Tray is underneath the tiles and the front is on top of the tiles. Place tiles back, trimming if necessary, to cover the side of the Soaker Tray. Now it’s essential that you mould the corrugated flashing at the front of the sky tunnel to match the

Remove the plastic film and clean your working area. Inside, reach through the ceiling frame and pull the tubing through the hole into the room. Stop when it’s tight, and the wires will lock onto the lip. Cut the tube level with the bottom of the ceiling frame and screw the locking ring into position. Fit the Diffuser into position, making sure the magnets in the Diffuser Holder line up with the magnets on the face of the ceiling frame. Finally, clean up the space and enjoy the natural daylight in your home!


Why Install Skylights on Your Tiled Roof?

Skylights provide many benefits for your home, additional sunlight being just one of them. Skylights bring the outside in, including vitamin D, enhancing our mood and energy levels. The sunlight they provide can increase productivity throughout the day and improve your sleep at night. In addition, skylights reduce the risk of mould and increase your home’s value. Just make sure that you have locks on all of your skylights, or you may be compromising your safety in your home.

Looking for a Professional Skylight Installer in Perth?

If you’re not a professional, we understand it can be daunting to undertake such a project.

Your safety is important to us, so if you’re unsure, your best bet is to give Skylights WA a call. We service the Perth and South West regions and provide all your skylight needs for home and business, including Solatube Skylights, Velux Roof Windows, and Belle Skylights.

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