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Do Skylights Add Value to a Home?

Jan 24, 2022 | Company News

Skylights are a slick modern feature in many new homes – and a quick way to update older models. As more people consider adding a skylight to their home, it’s natural to wonder if the investment could see a positive impact made on the overall value of your home. Quick answer? Absolutely! Skylights have the capacity to massively improve the value of your house, acting as both a significant aesthetic feature and offering various benefits that will tempt future buyers. Continue reading as we list just a few of the reasons a skylight could increase the market value of your home. 

This blog outlines the unique features and benefits that come with installing a skylight, all of which will lead to positive value increase for your house. If you’re ready to install a skylight to your home, reach out to Skylights WA today. 

A Beautiful Architectural Feature 

Perhaps the most obvious reason a skylight will improve the value of your house is its visual appeal. A simple skylight or roof window acts as a beautiful addition to any home, not just providing a gorgeous view of the sky but providing increased natural daylight. Suddenly, your home is significantly brighter, and looks larger with the added sunlight. Previously dark corners are lit up, and the interior of your home is noticeably improved. Natural lighting is in nowadays, and bringing more into your house will work wonders for its value in the modern climate. 

Decreased Energy Bills 

There’s a practical side to installing a skylight. Allowing the sun to enter into your home in such a way adds both significant natural light and warmth to your home. Watch heat and electricity bills go down as soon as your new skylight is installed to your roof. The improved circulation will help to cut on your heating and cooling costs. Naturally, this will be a significant boost to the value of your house. Once built to be comfortable and liveable at a lower cost, your home will be drastically more appealing to any potential buyer. 

Cost Efficient 

If you’re looking for an addition to your home that can increase value without breaking the bank, a skylight could be a wonderful option. They’re an investment worth every dollar, and with a wide selection of designs on offer there is bound to be a skylight out there within your budget. They’re affordable to purchase and easy to install, a quick and relatively low-risk feature for your home that will pay off relatively quickly. Don’t force yourself to spend thousands upon thousands in renovations to improve the overall look in your home – a skylight may do the trick! 

Suitable for Different Homes 

There’s a wonderful versatility to skylights. The selection of designs on offer ensures that one to suit your home won’t be too hard to find, and they can be a perfect alternative to regular windows for many people concerned about privacy. If you love natural light, it can be difficult to commit to multiple broad windows if you live on a busy street, or you enjoy keeping your life private. Soak in all the solar rays you like, without anyone peering in. No matter where you live or the specifics your house demands, a skylight is something adaptable to all different living situations. 

Enquire Today to Increase Your Market Value 

If you’re looking for a way to improve the overall quality of your home, a skylight is a wonderful way to go. Versatile, cost-effective, and full of benefits, installation will be well worth the investment. So, where to start? Reach out to Skylights WA to speak with a skylight expert, and we’ll help find the perfect design option for you and your home. Don’t wait another minute – let’s boost the value of your home with a feature everyone will enjoy.