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Can Skylights Be Installed In A Metal Roof?

Oct 4, 2022 | Company News

Metal roofs are a common choice in Australia. This is because they can reduce the heat that enters your home or building during summer and retain it during the winter, which decreases the use of air conditioning, fans, and heaters and improves energy efficiency. They are fire resistant too, which is important, particularly during fire season. Metal roofs are also cheaper than tiled roofs, long-lasting, durable, and light weight.

When looking at ways to improve your property’s functionality and aesthetic, you may be considering a skylight. These are fantastic features that can improve ventilation and temperature regulation, which can improve energy efficiency, and can bring natural light into your home or workplace.

It seems like these advantages could combine with fantastic results. So, you may be wondering, can I install a skylight if my roof is metal? The answer is yes!

Installing a skylight can do wonders to the comfort and look of your property. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when having one installed. At Skylights WA, we can provide advice and high-quality skylights so you can gain the benefits.

What Needs To Be Considered When Installing A Skylight In A Metal Roof?

It is possible to install a skylight when the roof consists of metal, which can combine the advantages of both features in a highly beneficial manner for the Australian climate. When deciding whether to install a skylight, there are a few elements that you should take on board. These include the following:

Professional Installation

Who is installing your skylight? When adding skylights to metal roofs, there are factors involved in the planning, purchasing, and installation that differ from other types of roofs. Subsequently, the people putting in the skylight must have appropriate knowledge and skills. Otherwise, damage to the roof can occur, or the skylight can have faults such as leaks.

At Skylights WA, we are experienced in providing advice and correct installation in this situation. We also stock a wide range of top-quality skylights that will last well into the future and bring the wide range of benefits to your property.

The Desired Location Of The Skylight

Not every part of your roof is appropriate for a skylight. Factors such as the desired outcomes, including lighting and ventilation, and external factors, such as nearby trees and the direction of the sun in relation to your property, must be considered.

The Pitch Of The Roof

The steepness of your roof influences the installation and choice of skylights. For instance, a certain type of flashing may be required on a roof that has a lower pitch.

The Mounting Of The Skylight

Skylights that are deck mounted or curb mounted can be used in metal roofs.


Skylights must include the appropriate precautions against water and wind, and this must be relevant to the type of roof.

The Timing Of Installation

Installing a skylight while building a new roof is preferable over installing it later. While it is possible, adding it to an already constructed roof can be more time-consuming and involved.

Disadvantages Of A Skylight In A Metal Roof

Skylights and metal roofs provide many benefits. However, there are some disadvantages that come with installing skylights into metal roofs. These may include the following:

The Potential Energy Efficiency Capacity Can Decrease

Though both options provide awesome benefits, sometimes the combination can reduce the efficiency of one or the other. This can occur for reasons such as the increased light and warmth that enters the roof. Our team at Skylights WA can discuss skylight options that reduce this risk.


If not installed correctly, potential issues connected to skylights can occur when put in a metal roof, such as leaks. This is because certain tools and features must be used in tandem with the metal materials.

Increased Noise From Outside Sources

A metal roof can create a lot of noise, particularly during rain and storms, depending on the materials and insulation products that have been used. A skylight can also generate noise as wind and rain hit it. You should be aware of the combination prior to deciding.

Skylights WA Can Install A Skylight Into Your Metal Roof

Skylights and metal roofs can be advantageous features in Australian buildings. The combination can result in an attractive, welcoming, and comfortable home or workplace. When you are considering installing a skylight into a metal roof, it is important you contact qualified and experienced installers.

Skylights WA will provide thorough advice and high-quality products, and can install your skylight professionally, affordably, and efficiently. We can also help you maintain and care for the skylight to increase its longevity.

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