Are Skylights Energy Efficient
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Are Skylights Energy Efficient

Aug 18, 2022 | Skylights

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to find the best ways to keep the growing costs of home ownership as low as possible. That pesky electricity bill is high on the list of troublesome contenders. Whether the heater, air con, lights, or those countless appliances are to blame, the outcome is the same: energy costs hit your wallet hard.

Making sure your home is designed to be as energy efficient as possible is a significant step to reducing the use of electricity and, subsequently, the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars that seem to fly out of your account each month. One feature that you can incorporate to make a massive difference to your home and bills is a skylight.

Skylights can improve the temperature and lighting of your home year-round. They are financially effective, not just for long term savings on electricity, but also due to the choice of budget-friendly designs. At Skylights WA, we can provide you with experienced advice and install the correct skylight for your home to assist you in reducing costs.

How Do Skylights Save Energy?

A skylight is a structure in all or part of the roof of a building or house that allows light into the space below. When a high-quality skylight is installed correctly, it can have a significant impact on a house’s energy efficiency. So, how can a window-like feature in a roof save you money?

Heat And Cool Your Home

Skylights can help to regulate the temperature of your home, warming it in winter and cooling it in summer. By maximising its location and the angles of the house, skylights can harness the sunlight and provide ventilation to create a comfortable home. This reduces the need for air conditioning and heating.

It also creates an environment that is less at risk of excess moisture, which can lead to mould and mildew. Avoiding this means avoiding the need for extensive or professional cleaning, which consumes energy (and money).

Light Your Home

Just as the name suggests, skylights let the light in, brightening your home and reducing the need to reach for the light switch. And they are generally more effective at the job than normal vertical windows.

There are many benefits gained from seeing and feeling the sun’s light rather than artificial lighting. These can range from mood improvement, to increased concentration, to the improvement of vitamin D levels. With the countless hours we all spend indoors these days, skylights can make a considerable difference.

Why continue to pay the high costs of stress-inducing electricity bills when you could be saving money and improving your overall wellbeing?

How To Make Sure Your Skylight Is Energy Efficient

Like most features in a house, the installed skylight must be the most suitable type and be fitted correctly. Otherwise, its energy efficiency will be reduced, or even negated in some cases. Getting it right matters.

The Correct Skylight

There are various aspects to consider when choosing a skylight. Certain designs transmit and harness solar energy in a different manner to others. Some are more suitable when the highest priority is warmth, and others more suitable when the goal is temperature reduction.

Similarly, some skylights are better to choose when ample lighting is desired, while others are more ideal when the opposite is true. It is crucial to get experienced advice on features such as pane thickness, shape, and ventilation options to gain the best energy effectiveness possible.

The Correct Location

Installing a skylight can make a room look great, but when it comes to efficiency, aesthetics should not be the deciding factor. Consideration needs to be given to such elements as the climate, the direction your house faces, and the amount of daylight that reaches your house through nearby buildings, structures, and trees.

Ensure Proper Installation

Installing a skylight is something that should only be done by an experienced installer. Otherwise, issues such as air and water leaks and unsuitable location choices can reduce their effectiveness.

Our installers and technicians have installed countless skylights into homes, so are well placed to provide you with relevant and trustworthy advice and service.

Skylights WA Can Install An Energy-Efficient Skylight In Your Home

Reducing the need for electricity in a home has many advantages, such as saving money and reducing your interaction with artificial sources of light and temperature regulation. In a time when we are ever aware of our impact on the environment, finding budget-friendly ways to create an energy-efficient household is paramount.

Our team at Skylights WA is passionate about skylights because of the countless benefits they provide. By assessing your home and requirements, we can share our knowledge and help you decide if skylights are right for you.

We will assist you to choose which one is best and where it should be placed. Contact Skylights WA so that we can help you take a significant step in reducing energy consumption and money wastage.