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Watch Your Home Value Go Through The Roof with Velux Skylight

Velux Skylight Perth

Velux Skylight Perth

On the short list of home amenities, a skylight would rate right up there with a Jacuzzi or imported Italian marble countertops as high-end luxury items. However, when you consider the affordability and easy installation, skylights really don’t belong in the “luxury” category. Instead, you should think of them as a practical and energy efficient way of transforming your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Don’t let the idea of retrofitting a new skylight into your home scare you off. Instead, embrace how much brighter your rooms will become and how much higher your home value will increase when you add a Velux skylight.

The Velux Skylight Basics

If you’ve ever been in a room with a skylight, then you already know what a difference this simple installation can make. When you can bring in the sunlight on a regular basis, you won’t be reaching for the light switch. You’re sure to see the impact of that benefit on your next power bill. The question then becomes, which Velux skylight is right for your home?

You’ll have the pick of two basic designs: a fixed skylight or a vented skylight. As you can infer from its name, you won’t be able to open a fixed skylight. Although that might keep out the occasional warm breeze, the fixed skylight will also be leak proof. If you should happen to have a leak, chances are it is because of a faulty installation job and not the unit itself.

With the vented skylight, you’ll be able to open the window in a variety of ways. Some vented Velux skylights come complete with a remote control device for easy opening and closing. A vented skylight is a wonderful choice for a bathroom because it will allow excess moisture to “vent out.”

The Glazing Options of Velux Skylight

Perth Velux SkylightDepending on the sun flow direction over your home, you could experience several hours of warm light pouring into your rooms through your Velux skylight. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ll be “baking” in that sunlight. There is a wide array of glazing options for you to pick from. Some tempered glass is designed to hold up in extreme weather zones. This means if you are prone to heavy rains, snowfall or even hurricanes, your skylight will remain intact. A skylight with laminated glass offers added protection from UV rays that could cause fading. These skylights are also extremely energy efficient and resistant to condensation.

The Blind Spot – Velux Skylight Perth

Just as there are many choices for glazing and ventilation, Velux skylight also offer a wide selection of blinds. You can go for the total blackout, Venetian or light filtering blinds. With your skylight remote, you won’t have an issue opening or closing those blinds.

Add it all up, and it is clear to see that installing skylights into your home is going to transform your living space and increase your home’s value. It’s a win-win all around!

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