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Get Cozy With Velux Blinds

Velux Blinds Perth

Velux Blinds Perth

Velux blinds perfectly complement your daylighting system. Choosing the right fabric or material will determine how well you can enhance the mood of the room to achieve your desired effects.

Cutting-Edge Technology – Velux Blinds Perth

At Perth Daylighting, we have developed cutting-edge technologies to give homeowners a variety of roof ventilation systems to choose from. We know how important installing a daylighting system is to your home, and so we have come up with exciting solutions to help you make the best out of sunlight at any time of the day.

Velux Blinds Are Everything

Window blinds can make or break your roof ventilation. You may have the best ventilation system installed, but without the right type of blinds, it can hardly make a difference.

Blinds enhance the effects of light that come into your loft or living area. You can amplify it or reduce its sharpness depending on your mood at the moment. Blinds can also block the light completely if the situation calls for it.

Velux Blinds Come in Different Fabrics

That’s right. The luminosity of the light coming through is pretty much contingent upon the type of fabric that you choose for your blinds. You can manipulate its brightness to achieve the precise illumination that you are looking for at the moment.

What’s so cool about this is that you can totally block sunlight or diffuse its brightness by switching to an opaque type of pleated fabric that is currently being offered in the market.

Did you know that you can achieve up to 21% of insulation effect with a Velux blinds specially the energy type? You heard that right. It is employed with aluminum coating to maintain insulation all year round and allow your home to be more energy efficient.

Velux Blinds and Roof Ventilation Are a Match Made in Heaven

There couldn’t be a more perfect pairing than these two. Perth Daylighting has mastered the art of roof ventilation by incorporating the right mechanism and materials that would solve your heating and cooling problems.

Solar Roof Ventilation – Velux Blinds Perth

Perth Velux Blinds

The best thing about having a solar roof ventilation is that you get to have a functional architectural feature in your home without causing you to rack up high utility bills. Imagine being able to control heat buildup and reducing mildew by simply relying on solar energy to get all the work done.
There is nothing like seeing a great view of the sky from the comfort of your room. A solar roof ventilation gives you this luxury and so much more.

Our services have greatly transformed the appeal of our customers’ homes across the country. Time and time again, we never tire of hearing our customers gush about how their roof ventilation system harnesses natural light to improve the atmosphere at home.

For more information about Velux Blinds Perth, contact us at 0458 169 191

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